Best Pricing Policy

Price Assurances

We make every effort to price check our own products on-line to ensure that we’re offering our valued clients competitive prices. We offer quality products, fair pricing, and a generous points program.  If you find the exact product offered at a lower price elsewhere please let us know. We’ll be happy to provide store credit for the difference.

Price Protection and Matching Conditions

The compared product must be the same make and model and on the exact terms as offered by LAKEHOUSE including: taxes, shipping and delivery charges, a return policy, duties and customs import fees for products from international manufactures.  The item must be in-stock and must be from within Canada.   We reserve the right to refuse a price match for reasons such as a temporary or unfair promotion or event by a competitor.  We will honour the price up to 7 days after purchase provided the above criteria has been met. 

IMPORTANT: Please email or provide a print-out of a completed "check-out" page so that we can verify the validity of the offer.  We may require up to 24 hours to verify this information.  Your patience is appreciated.