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Sweet or savoury ravioli, vegetarian or meat-filled, baked or fried. Roll out the pasta sheet and prepare the filling - they’ll be ready in minutes thanks to Ravioli Tablet.

The square shape of the ravioli, with their large "dome" of dough is ideal for making perfect first course dishes, to be combined with simple or elaborate sauces.

We have developed a special cutting surface that allows the pasta sheet to be cut perfectly, thickly or thinly, while perfectly sealing each raviolo. The result is 10 perfectly cut ravioli, which easily detach from the tablet.


  • Ravioli Tablet has been designed to offer maximum function with a modern and customised style.
  • The base is made of solid, food-grade, anodised aluminium and comes in 6 beautiful colours, safe for your health and guaranteed to last.
  • The removable cutting surface is made of transparent food-grade polycarbonate, which is easy to clean and always cuts neatly and precisely.